Our Software

The ©Guepaz software

Our tool was specifically design for customer targeting purpose. In quasi-real time, ©Guepaz is able to update our full database, with new business contacts. ©Guepaz constantly keeps watching our data sources, and accessing to the new business in town. Based on a Python 2.7 environment, our framework ensures you the best up-to-date B2B listings!
It provides you comprehensive email listings, including Name, Email, Address, Phone and Website. The ©Guepaz output are in Comma Separated Values format (.csv), a common data exchange format, supported by most of the emailing campaign applications.

Our framework is able to assist you in:

  • Business contact information
  • Up-to-date & comprehensive lists
  • The most affordable email lists on the current market
  • Most influent companies based in New-York City
  • Expand your network
  • Find new customers
  • Lists directly available for download
  • Personalized lists on request
  • Simple and common output format