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Eclore-Idee: expand your business activities using our B2B lists

Eclore-Idee is a New-York based registered trademark, a subsidiary of Sacrebleu LLC, providing B2B lists. Our company aims to assist start-ups and small business to expand and grow their activities. Eclore-Idee was launched based on the idea of Yannick Pazzé in 2012. He is a French international and multicultural business developer with experience in sales, market research, business plan, marketing and project management.

For five years, based in Paris, we provided financial support, market studies and business plans for new entrepreneurs. Then, in June 2017, Eclore-Idee became a subsidiary of Sacrebleu LLC, an art agency also owned by Yannick Pazzé and its collaborators, based in New-York City.

The development and  the maintenance of this website is done by Chloé Guennou, a French Astrophysicist, based in Paris.

Our products : B2B lists

Data collection to build strong client database, portfolio management & digital marketing are fundamental ingredients for your business accomplishment.

Our experience gathered in start-up creation and raising allowed us to create an innovative tool. As a result, our innovative software Guepaz is now able to provide you strong and comprehensive B2B contacts. Are you a novel business owner intending to improve and grow your business? Thus, the purpose of our framework is precisely to generate new contact lists.

Updated every day, our framework includes many directories and business sources, thus counting the most influent business companies of NYC. Press releases, Company Websites, administrative reports, and Yellow Pages directories are our main data-driven sources. We always preserve a close contact with our sources and companies. Therefore, we are now able to provide you the best data for improving your business, directly usable for you digital campaign!
For now, we are mainly working through New-York state. However, it is still possible to provide you customized listing for other areas. Do not hesitate to directly contact us!